Saturday 21 June 2008

Gift Giving

I continue to work on new patterns (which I want to keep secret) and old works in progress (which I can't show you as I still don't have a working camera).

So, instead of crafty photos... here are a few awesome boy-friendly Etsy treats. Each one of these items has been approved by my very long suffering boyfriend. Though he probably wishes I'd never found Etsy (I do witter on about it quite a lot) he is definitely coming round to Etsy as a place for me to to buy him nice presents! I've bought him things like cufflinks and cards in the past, but this year his birthday presents were pretty much all from Etsy...

Just like I am tea-obsessed and fill our house with tea themed things, the boyfriend adores books. Old books, new books, all sorts of books (he even blogs about them) ... but particularly Penguin Books. I'd never know what books to buy him, but this lovely little print from SpoonerGregory? Perfect:
(With my love of kitchenalia and all things domestic, I also love their peg prints and cards!)

For any book lover who wants to keep their books pristine, what could be better than bookmark notebooks from TheSherwoodPress? I like the owl one best, but the Space themed one is excellently suited to boys of all ages...Again with the book theme, when we went looking for bookplates we were quite spoilt for choice (so many fun designs to choose from!) but in the end I settled on treating him to a clever little library card design and a cute as a button kitten:
It's a kitten! Reading a book! What more could anyone want?

The boyfriend also found an assortment of ephemera suited to his various obsessions (our first vintage purchases on Etsy - I am rather scared to browse the vintage categories myself lest it develop into a very expensive habit! I find it very hard to resist nice vintage things...) and this amazing little bear figurine from PearsonMaron:
I have to admit that I really didn't get this one when I was first shown it. But I adore him now! We were both really impressed by the secure packaging required to get him safely to our front door, and having arrived safe and sound he sits in pride of place in the middle of our mantelpiece. I think it quite likely that he will be joined in future by the bear with a green yoyo and/or the bear with a red balloon (a bear! with a balloon!).