Saturday 27 October 2007

365 / 71 - 74, some crafting during my mini Etsy break

I may have been on a small break from the old Etsy but the daily craftiness continues.

On day 71 I made lots of moustache disguises, but they were already in the post by the time I came to take this photo. Then on day 72 I decorated some cards for packaging with the moustaches, made some I Love Tea pins and made a start on some ninjas.
Day 73 saw me tending to the colour printer as it decided to run out of blue ink just when I wanted to make some cards. Thankfully this time I managed to put the right colour in (mistook the pink & the yellow last time) and print on the right side of the paper and all those useful things. I was rather tired and sleepy in the evening so I just sat and doodled with my felt tip pens and made 4 sheets of thankyou notes. Making lots of these little thankyous always makes me fear I should never sell anything ever again! but they are so useful and I have just run out.
Then on day 74 (which happens to have been yesterday) I finished the ninja baby pins (they look cute but they are tiny little killing machines!) and made a start sewing some biscuit pins together. The decorated fronts of the biscuits have been sitting in my work-in-progress pile for rather a while, it's good to be finally finishing them. Hurrah!