Wednesday 10 October 2007

365 / 57 - Doodling

No genuine crafting for me yesterday evening as I wasn't feeling very well - very frustrating as I had some lovely soothing sewing bits planned. Ah well. I did manage to get some more doodles drawn during a slow patch at work (I say "slow patch", my boss says "when you were slacking off") so I guess that's something:
Some of those little scribbles are ideas for felt things, and some are just little scribbles (I was a bit bored). Not my finest artistic hour in either case!!

In other news: one of my moustache disguises was used in the October newscast from The Storque, the Etsy newsletter. I wouldn't really recommend watching it, it's a little bit lame. Jam packed with what my dad sneeringly calls "undergraduate humour". I do love Etsy, but that newscast was not their finest hour. Oh well. It was nice to see the moustache getting used for larks and japery though!

Other moustache-related news, thanks to the lovely heidiburton my moustache disguises were on the Etsy front page yesterday afternoon as part of a selection aimed at 8-11 yr old boys. Most marvellous. I even sold a couple of them, placating my boyfriend whose usual response to my gleeful "I'm on the front page! Yay!" is "yes but have you sold anything?" :D


Heidi said...

Congrats on your tashtastic sales and 'ner ner' to your boyfriend of little faith :P
My current poster sketch challenge is Lupin-less so I doubt it will make the front page :(

CharlieP said...

ARGH! GET OUT OF MY BRAIN! Just yesterday while I was "working" I doodled almost exactly the same things including pineapple, jellyfish, cake, house, sanil, tea, teapot and duck. Freaky. Love all your stuff!