Tuesday 30 October 2007

I have fallen off the Crafting wagon!

I have fallen off the daily blogging wagon too, thanks to my internet connection dying on me yesterday (so annoying!). Now that the magic box has been restored to life I can admit to you all that on what was supposed to be day 76 of my 365 project I made NOTHING. Nothing at all! I didn't even shop for anything crafty or reorganise my stash or make business cards or any of these other things that are part and parcel of the whole crafty process.

When you fall down though, you must get up again, so yesterday evening I turned my attention to my depleted moustache stocks... I will upload a picture and do a proper blog post about things later today but I thought I should admit my lapse as soon as possible.

Also I wanted to quickly mention that I am just DELIGHTED (tis the day for all caps it would seem) to have just logged into Etsy and found that showpony is the new Etsy featured seller - another Brit! and such an awesome shop. I just this weekend treated myself to a bag of hers that I've been eyeing up for weeks now... a lovely simple organic cotton shopper printed with a gorgeous image of a vintage handbag. Such a cute idea, I couldn't resist adding one to my growing hoard of shopping bags. Pictures when it arrives - I must do an Etsy shopping post sometime soon as I've afraid I may have been on a small spree... the dangers of money sitting in your paypal account you see, as I had some I couldn't withdraw (only just got myself verified) and the temptation to "withdraw" it by spending it on pretty Etsy treats was just too much for me!


Anonymous said...

I love the mobiles you make!!! They were featured on this website: http://www.roadsidescholar.com/2007/10/29/fun-felt-crafts-from-lupin/

Bugs and Fishes said...

Awesome, thanks for the link! :D