Sunday 14 October 2007

365 / 60 & 61 - finished pastels, a secret treat, and lovely post

On Friday (day 60) I finished the pastel mobile I've been working on. Here are lots of lovely pastel photos:
It's very interesting (to me at any rate) to see the familiar mobile shapes in unfamiliar, softer colours. Sewing the finished discs onto the ribbons was a different process to normal, too, as they were single-sided (it's to be a wall-hanging) so the back looks like this:

Yesterday (Saturday, day 61) saw the arrival of some Etsy post (photos coming soon) and my secret swap package from the lovely Ally of AughrasLair... THE most gorgeous tote bag (great colours, great fabrics, I love owls, I use a tote bag most days) and a cute matching plushie:
I am just in love with that bag and cannot wait to show it off to everyone. Its arrival also prompted me to finally make the swap item I will be sending out... and because it is a SECRET there will be no photo until it has arrived at its destination.

I should have made it last week or even the week before that but I've rather been letting things drop while I've been unwell and working out the pattern etc for this item actually took a bit of brainpower (shapes to be drawn! colours to be chosen! decisions to be made! etc). It's 95% finished though and just in time for the end of the postal strike, hurrah! Just the last few finishing touches to add and some nice wrapping to attend to and we'll be sorted. Naturally as with all these things I have a few improvements I would like to go back in time and suggest to myself (darker thread there, perhaps? this colour instead of that, maybe?) but overall I am pleased with how it's turned out and I'm also very pleased that it looks how I imagined it in my head (sometimes this really does not happen). Fingers crossed that my swapee likes it too!


Megan said...

That mobile is amazing! I also love the bag. :D

tess said...

love the mobile, it's fantastic, and the bag is great too, can't wait to see what your swap partner is getting.

crafty mama said...

Your mobiles are so cool! They are really original and fun.