Monday 1 October 2007

Crafting 365 / 47 & 48 - an assortment of simple crafty tasks

I am still ill, and it is still rubbish. I'm at the "pottering about the house in pajamas and an old sweater not really doing very much and watching lots of rubbish on dvd" phase (very technical medical term, that!). So I'm still ill but at least able to communicate with the human world instead of being stuck in bed the whole time dreaming weird dreams about theme parks, tomatoes and adding a nice ribbon trim to a bolero jacket from Topshop (analyse that as you will!!).

The day before yesterday I was really not up to very much and sat listening to the radio, watching dvds and generally staring into space a little whilst knitting some little hats. Then yesterday the old noggin was working slightly better & I managed to get a little bit of my work-in-progress sewing pile attended to.... here are the products of both days:
As you can see, I sewed a few more eyes onto a few more birds (though only the whites of some, making them look slightly spooky), made a few moustaches and started a few more, and I stitched together a couple of pink & purple ornaments which have been waiting for their ribbons for just ages (they look rather wonky in this picture but I assure you that they are perfectly fine!). Of course now today it is raining like crazy and there is no light to speak of so actually listing the little blighters will probably have to wait another age... ah well. Taking photographs would involve standing up for rather more time than I can manage at the moment anyway, haha.

Right, I am off to drink tea and to do a bit more knitting. This would almost be my ideal way of spending my time except for that whole feeling ill thing (that and the knowledge of all the money I'm not earning by being unable to attend my legitimate paid employment. Bah).


The Mock Duck said...

Get well soon. It's very frustrating not to be fully-functional when you're such a manic maker of things (I know).

Feltbug said...

Hope you feel better soon - I have just linked to you in a post on my blog (sheepish grin) :) I can't stop dreaming about your circles.

Anonymous said...

I hope you're feeling better now and I think you should have enjoyed your day off as much as possible! You have to go back to work all too soon.