Tuesday 1 May 2007

Sewing, sunshine and swaps

Right, I have done basically no crafting all this week and have instead been alternately engrossed in dull chores & tidying, and out enjoying the glorious sunshine. I have some sewing planned for this afternoon but it is in fact entirely uninteresting mending - several buttons fell off a dress of mine, a pair of my tights has a gaping hole, and I have been employed by a friend of ours to hem & mend her sons' school trousers (my life is all glamour).

I have managed to find the time to bully lots of lovely people into joining my swap group on Flickr. It's all very exciting, there are already a whole bunch of unwanted supplies posted and several swaps have already taken place! I have already sent out a weird and mysterious decorative beaded piece to greygoat...
... a bundle of felt to my fellow felt addict Kezzaroo...
... and I shall shortly be parcelling up these big fat beads to Sakura:
It will be great to see what gets made with these things that were languishing unloved in my spare room!


Anonymous said...

I had a tidy up weekend myself and I'm jonesing to get back to the studio.