Friday 4 May 2007

Great Etsy Finds: jewellery

Generally I tend to find my jewellery second hand, in charity shops and vintage stores, but I may have to start buying some on Etsy soon because there are just soooo many great jewellery sellers on there. The shopping options locally for me are currently pretty limited - the basic highstreet chains, a few charity shops with slow-moving stock - so the amount of choice available on Etsy is super-appealing.

One of my favourite Etsy jewellery sellers is Elizaveta who creates just the most awesome, cool and crazy necklaces adorned with toy tea sets, fake fruit, mix tapes, all sorts of wild stuff. Not something I could ever see myself wearing but I still adore her work and thoroughly intend to stick her necklaces in treasuries whenever possible!
Also on my treasury-pimping list is yasminbochi whose matrioshka jewellery looks almost edibly delicious. I am especially in love with these earrings, which I intend to direct my earring-loving sister towards to see if she likes the look of them...
I discovered Yasmin's work when one bored afternoon I (rather foolishly) posted in the Etsy forums offering to give compliments about peoples Etsy shops and was totally overwhelmed by volunteers! I did end up discovering some rather awesome shops, including jkziel who makes great handbags from old books, my fave being this (now sold) "how to get what you want" bag:
... and also TheLolaCollection who makes cute jewellery but also the most incredible collaged plates, like this delicious one, entitled "Flower Bomb":
... great jewellery finds from my compliment-giving adventure were these two incredibly cute pins, the first from twistednortherngal and the second from happyone4ever (how cute are those little scissors?)Looking at all these pictures, I think I may be developing a bit of an obsession with pink stuff!

The Etsy seller whose jewellery I'm actually eying up for myself is paraphernalia. Her necklaces are just gorgeous, so pretty but also so eccentric and fascinating. I love the weird collections of childrens clothing, but my favourites are this sweet bird and awesome goldfish:
... the latter is a very firm favourite and is sitting right at the top of my Etsy birthday wishlist. (Is it bad of me to have already started Etsy shopping for my birthday even though it's still almost a month away?)


Unknown said...

lol, I've started my birthday wish list and mine is over 2 months away still :) Great finds.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing out some terrific etsy shops!

Sakura said...

A month before is a very respectable time to start wishlisting for your b-day!! Love that goldfish necklace great spot!

Bugs and Fishes said...

Not wishlisting, actually shopping! Bought the goldfish necklace this afternoon, actually :)

Miss Mish Mish said...

Hi Lupin! First the lovely comments on my shop on the etsy forum and now a feature on your blog...that's so sweet! Thanks a lot :) Have a lovely weekend!

Anonymous said...

wow...I just stumbled upon your blog. Thank you so much for the wonderful feature.....xo elizaveta