Thursday 3 May 2007

Swapping swapping swapping

My newly-formed supplies swap group on Flickr is only a week old but is already 25 UK Etsians strong and there has been a flurry of swappage.

So far we have swapped 1 pile of felt, 1 mystery beaded thingummy, 3 sets of beads, 1 piece of velvet, 1 devil duckie, 2 packs of sculpey, 2 reels of wire, 3 tubes of glitter glue, 15 chandelier crystals, 16 snap cards, 2 bundles of wool, 1 button ... and a couple of other things, too!

Exciting parcels being recieved all over the country, and potential for so many awesome new items to be produced... I may actually clap my hands with glee if someone posts a picture of something actually made with swapped-for supplies, it would just make my month.

I seem to be accumulating quite a lot of swap points - or UKE's as someone suggested we call our currency - as I've sent out yet more supplies... this time some glitter glue to LittleMissRiver that had been lying neglected in my stash for three years or so and that was clearly never going to get used...
... and a whole bunch of these crazy snap playing cards to Rosehip71. I think I just thought these were irresistably mental, I don't think I ever knew what I was going to use them for!
I got my first swap parcel this morning from greygoat - 15 gorgeous chandelier crystals (I will have to take a picture on a day when there is some light - so overcast today!) which I immediately found myself oooohing over when she posted them to the group, wondering what I could make with them... As I am hoping to make some mobiles soon (you know, should I ever finish spring cleaning and mucking about on Flickr and get back to actually making stuff) I think the crystals will make great weights / decorations at the bottom of my sewn pieces.

Thinking of mobiles, I may put off cleaning the fridge for a little longer (defrosted the icebox yesterday, yawn) by finally blogging about the custom piece I made last month...