Monday 28 May 2007

Intentions and Internet Searches

Brr. It is ridiculously cold here. It's Bank Holiday Monday so naturally is is freezing cold and absolutely tipping it down...

If it stays cold this week, I shall be curling up under a blanket, drinking lots of cups of tea and attending to my sewing. I have lots of brooches and mobiles floating around in my brain that I want to get made, and I also have yet to make anything for this month's flower-themed UK Etsy Challenge. The deadline is 1pm on Thursday so only three days away, so I don't rate my chances at having anything finished! There are already loads of great entries, it is going to be so difficult to select a favourite to vote for :)

Oh, and I have found out who I am making an item for in the UK Etsy team's secret swap. I've been given a few clues as to what they might like, and I do have a couple of ideas, but as the item has to be in the post no later than 10th June I had better get cracking. I must admit to having a small bit of performance anxiety though, not least cos the person I am making stuff for makes THE most impressive things.

In all this rain I have been sitting on the computer idling my time away and I discovered yesterday that my entry for a previous challenge, the pants challenge, has been used over on Gizmodo Japan to illustrate anti-fart pants!
The lovely Anna translated the article for me: "If you've let off a smelly one these will make it like it never happened. Gas-medic pants which absorb 99% of the smell of your fart have arrived. The secret is the scientific film with enough layers to cover 10 football fields which instantly absorbs the smell of the fart. It is perfect for normal farts but also great for those who suffer from stomach problems. All we need now is something that stops the noise of the farts then it would be perfect." Ha ha ha.

Searching for my stuff, I also found that my colourful mobile has been featured on the awesome Softies Central blog. That blog is just so inspiring and generally amazing, I am sooo pleased to see my stuff on there!


Jenn Maruska said...

Love your mobile! It's so colorful and cheerful : )

Sakura said...

I am majorly coveting your mobiles at the moment Lupin!! They are fab :)


Anonymous said...

I love that softies blog too! Its amazing how much talent there is out there :)

jenna said...

Your mobile is so mod and cute. I love love love it!