Monday 18 February 2008

365 / 182 - Biscuits and a Lovely Treasury

I really should have tidied the house a little on Sunday afternoon but instead I was very lazy and watched many episodes of Top Gear whilst stitching together many many felt biscuits...
I need to take some better photos but the light's gone now so they'll have to wait until tomorrow. Will the edible biscuits last the night, I wonder? To be honest there's quite a high chance that I may have to buy another packet tomorrow morning - they are just too yummy.

Also delicious, this delightful Etsy treasury selected by Heidi who kindly included my cherry blossom pin:

Her selection is based on Sylvia Plath's poem 'Resolve'.


Anonymous said...

wow, I didn't even realize there were real cookies in with your felt ones! They all look delicious, make sure you put the right one into your mouth :)