Wednesday 13 February 2008

365 / 178 - Tea Stuff, Tidying Stuff, Free Stuff

I'm in a bit of a rush today, cos we're having a "free stuff" party this evening and I've got to tidy the house and set everything up ready for our guests... A free stuff party is basically a big swap party, where everyone brings things they no longer want and leaves with exciting new things! The leftovers then get taken to our local charity shops. They're always lots of fun, and it encourages us to have a big spring clean of our junk every time we hold one - and that's got to be good, right?

So, quickly, here are my 365 pics from days 177 and 178 - finishing off all those pink badges, and making some pink and "sponge cake" ones as well:
They'll be in my shop later in the week once I've had a chance to take more photos.

I've not been up to much sewing-wise the past couple of days as I've been trying to tidy up my sewing things and also my half of the spare room which now looks like this:
Bit of a bomb site (terrible light up there, too!) but getting there... (click through to see it larger and with lots of notes if you're interested!).
Major achievements include clearing out some of my University notes:
(the pile of paper on the top is going, the rest is staying for now), deciding to get rid of this sewing box which is nice but acts as a black hole and is totally impractical:
And admitting to myself that I really have no need for nor the space to put this typewriter:
Free stuff party ahoy!


♥♥Handmade with Amour♥♥ said...

the swap party is a great idea! and giving the leftovers to charity is even better! I was wondering is they took that sort of stuff, as there is one near-ish to my house :)
It is a pity I do not know many people around (as I just moved some months ago) and of those who I know the total amount of crafters is 0!!! :O
Lucky you with your space to work, I have to share the lounge with my boyfriend, as though we live in a house it is small and as it is rented I do not want to buy many pieces of forniture for it (because it´s one of those houses you have to get things to measure, as there is not much space).
One day I´ll have a bigger house with hughe cupboards, wardrobes, etc :)

bushra said...

love the sewing box, if it hasn't been taken off your hands already i'd buy it?

Lisa said...

What a great idea!!! I have one of those crazy sewing baskets too! It is on a shelf in my storage in the basement.

Bugs and Fishes said...

The sewing box was one of the first things to go! They are great little boxes, I just have waaaay too much stuff for them :D