Friday, 15 February 2008

365 / 179 - Researching Butterflies

I continue to be reorganising things - also cleaning things, moving things, clearing things out and generally making a huge mess of the house and hoping that in the end it will all look nice and be reasonably tidy! I'm still not crafting very much, but I am back on the crafty wagon...

Yesterday's creative task? Planning the detailing needed for my half-finished Orange Tip butterfly and doing a few sketches for future British butterfly patterns. I do love butterflies, but some of them are a bit too fancy for me to render into felt I think! Oh well.


shells said...

Beautiful Butterfly!! Are you making lots of different ones?

BugsandFishes said...

Yes, I have a whole series planned! I am totally in love with British butterflies at the moment :)

shells said...

I'm excited to see them all!
Would you believe that it hadn't occurred to me that you have different butterflies than we do? Silly me, I just never thought about it.


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