Friday 29 February 2008

365 / 193 - Setting up Shop

I have been doing some sewing, but mostly I have been going a bit goggle-eyed staring at the computer whilst organising all my photos (so very many unorganised, unlabelled photos!) and listing lots of things... I'm in the process of properly setting up shop on Dawanda, and am also attempting to get my head around Mintd and Pink Doodle. I've added a link to My Dawanda over on the right, and I am totally falling in love with the site! I love the look of the site, especially the shop layouts, they are so clear and fresh-looking. Here's mine:
I am also loving the simplicity of the listing process - photos upload like a dream, you can select any one of them to be your main image, and they allow you to use previously listed items as a template - and it is so friendly! You can leave comments on other peoples items or profiles when you spot something awesome, which is just so nice. The site is in three languages - an English part, a French part and a German part. I have forgotten most of my GCSE French & German but my German-speaking sister is going to be helping me out with German translations (she is a star).

Not the craftiest post ever, but if I never sell anything I'll never have the money to buy supplies to make more stuff so I think it counts :P


RheLynn said...

Very sweet things and good promotion for Dawanda. I've only been over there once before.

Tizzalicious said...

I think I'll check out Dawanda some time! :)