Thursday, 21 February 2008

365 / 184 - Y is for Yummy; PS I Love Flickr

I went out babysitting last night (non-stop glamour here, I tell you) and enjoyed the pleasures of someone else's sofa, central heating and television whilst finishing my batch of pincushions:
There is a whole box of those cakes sitting in the kitchen waiting for there to be good light tomorrow and it is taking all of my willpower not to snaffle the whole lot... I also made a custom ordered Y brooch:
With no attempt at a link of any kind, I would just like to say that Oh My Gosh Flickr Is Basically The Best Thing In The Whole World. Seriously though I think it might be one of the most awesome things the internet has given us - so many amazing and interesting people to connect with and when you find someone particularly awesome O! All their photos to look through! and links to their blogs! and then their favourites selection with more awesome things in it! and they pop up every day in "photos from your contacts"! and aaaargh my brain may well explode from the awesomeness of it all!

I think I may have overused the word awesome (and the exclamation mark) in that paragraph but I think it got my point across, hehe. I will try to write some slightly more coherant reasons why Flickr is so great (in case you were not swayed merely by the repetition of the word awesome) tomorrow when it is not 1am and waaay past my bedtime. I would have written a blog post earlier but I got distracted looking at pretty things on Flickr ... ah well :)


idyll hands said...

I love Flickr, yes I do, I love Flickr...

The feeling is mutual.

Claire P said...

Just discovered you on Cuteable and OMG I love all of your retro cake/biscuit crafting! I'll be checking back on a regular basis!

(also, I'm just discovering the joys of Flickr!)

Jennifer Rose said...

Love the pincushion! They make me want to go get cake :)

Babychloe said...

OK, you've convinced me, I better sign up with Flickr. Love your work especially the candies; saw you on cuteable.