Sunday, 24 February 2008

365 / 188 - Lions and Penguins and Buttons, Oh My!

Just a short post today as I am busy cleaning the house (sooo dull) ... but here's my workbox from yesterday:
More lions, lots of penguins and making a start on lots of new button brooches - trying to make use of all the lovely buttons I've hoarded over the years! The button butterflies will be made in more colours, and I'm tempted by the idea of button moths too (in lovely browns and creams) ... and the little groups of buttons are the start of a whole series of things using abstract shapes (simple shapes, bold colours, one of a kind), it will be nice to play around with colour a little. Colour is just the best thing (check this article out).

Right, time to get back to the housework...


pungsnotded said...

Those butterflies sure are pretty! BOOO housework!