Thursday, 14 February 2008

No Craftiness Whatsoever

Yes, you read that right: yesterday I did nothing crafty at all! Nothing! It felt very very strange.
My day was absolutely packed with other things - work, cleaning the house, our free stuff party, my mother-in-law visiting - and there was no time to even sit down for ten minutes and sketch some of the brooch ideas floating round my head. Rubbish!

The free stuff party went well though, and my sewing box was one of the first things to get snapped up. Lots of swapping, and no-one spilled any red wine on our carpet so all in all a good party. I was supposed to be tidying up and cleaning the house today, but instead I have been supremely lazy and sat about in my pajamas until about 3pm eating biscuits! Hah, what a high-flying go-getter I am...

News: Etsy has been treating me very kindly this past 24 hours as my Violets brooch was picked by the Storque for a "leap into Spring" feature and matching front page, and now my little plush birdies are on the front page as well! Many thanks to lovely Etsians jahnut and JJMFinance for the violets screenshot and letting me know about the birdies :)


cutedesigns said...

Cool that the party went ok. :) And sometimes it's good to have a break from the craft - I have today as well and have been playing my DS tonight instead. :D