Thursday, 28 February 2008

365 / 192 - Green Fingers

I am still working on that batch of button butterflies - doing a little bit of stitching during my tea breaks (of which there are many!) - but most of my creative energies yesterday went into my "garden". I use the quote marks because my green space is actually a handful of pots on my balcony and when I use words like "garden" and "gardening" I feel a little silly! I really am loving the green-fingered lark this year though and my plant-buying has strongly influenced my craftiness what with all those spring flower pins I keep making...
Yesterday's task? Planting lots of primroses and primulas my mother brought me from her garden, dead-heading some of the winter-flowering violets and watering my spring bulbs (lots of yummy crocuses out at the moment).


letitiah said...

So pretty and colourful! Isn't it fun to put your fingers in dirt?


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