Sunday 10 February 2008

365 / 175 - Two Finished Pieces

Last night's task was to finish some of my "in progress" textile art ready to photograph this morning (it being Sunday I had time for taking lots of photos) ... I didn't quite finish them last night, so I'm cheating slightly by claiming this as last night's work but never mind! Here are the two finished pieces:
The butterflies look quite delicious paired together, though the soft cream they're sewn onto is looking rather yellow in some of the photos. The paleness of this is more accurate, and you can better see the detail of the stitching:
I'm really really pleased to have an "I Like Your Shoes" finished and ready for the shop, they have been lying in my work-in-progress box for many months (eight!) because all that embroidery seemed so off-putting but in actual fact it's proving very relaxing... I do need to remember to add the ankle detailing on the rest though as I've missed it off this one (oops!). All the other detailing is there though, and I think it looks rather lovely:
As ever, I am in awe of Askey's illustration skills and seriously in love with that grey, white and turquoise colour combination. Just lush. Once I've finished the batch of "shoe pictures" as I've been calling them, there will be no more made in this design, making it a strictly limited edition of 11 (5 blue & grey, 5 orange & brown, plus 1 owned by Askey herself).