Saturday, 1 March 2008

Always Remember to Charge Your Batteries

My camera batteries needed charging. I didn't charge them. What an idiot I am...

So, no photos from me today and instead a double dose of 365 fun tomorrow.

In the meantime though, if you have an Etsy account please head on over to this forum thread and vote for your favourite entrant in the UK Etsy "sweets from your childhood" challenge. Everyone has been really inspired by this month's theme, and the entries range from jewellery to ceramics to art to soft toys... there's even a pair of knickers! The votes will be counted at midday GMT tomorrow (Sunday 2nd March), so please get voting...

Here are just a few of the entries (sneakily including my dolly mixture brooch, bottom right)
1. (39/ 365) crafting / Vintage sweet notebook Uk challenge entry, 2. sweet bag with sherbet pips, 3. candy bracelet, 4. Last three toffees bowl, 5. Meet Fizzy!!, 6. Flying Saucers Necklace, 7. Crayon Roll and Notepad, 8. the last one..., 9. Dolly Mixtures brooch


pungsnotded said...

Candy Necklaces, yum!!

Alice Elizabeth Still said...

I've also found that - know where your charger *is* is important too.. Still no sign of ours ;-)


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