Monday, 10 March 2008

Sickness, Storms and Screenshots

I am still ill. Ugh. Despite sickness, I had to go to the post office so I braved the stormy weather and went into the town. I am now up to date with my shipping and am the proud owner of a variety of exciting new envelopes for shipping out parcels of felt. Hurrah. Unfortunately I am very sleepy and not able to blog properly today. 365 pics will return soon I hope!Before I go curl up on the sofa again, a quick thankyou to the lovely Kala who took a screenshot of my oak leaf brooches on the Etsy front page this morning:(Kala sells lovely things, you should go check them out - particularly her handmade journals
and this astonishingly beautiful peony print).


Lisa Cook said...

I am in love with your pins! I just discovered you on Etsy through a "tea time" treasury and I am so glad I did. Your colors just intoxicate me! I will explore more....

Crystal said...

aww I hope you are feeling better soon. Maybe you just need a good cup of herbal tea and a long rest. I think that selling your felt is a great idea! It is hard to find a source for them that sells small quantities. I love all your brooches and look foward to reading your blog everyday.


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