Thursday, 13 March 2008

365 / 206 - Ribbons and Rollercoasters

Yesterday I started picking ribbons for a new series of one of a kind designs...
It is still miserable weather here, too dark for taking mobile photos (so annoying!). I have been slightly distracted anyway with a rollercoaster of a day... When I got up, my inbox was filled with loveliness. Sweet blog comments to moderate (thankyou!), friendly convos, and a couple of Etsy sales accompanied by charming messages from the buyers (always so nice). Then I sold my violets brooch because it was on the Etsy front page - shame to miss the FP but lovely Kala got a screenshot of it for me:
Unfortunately, it turned out to be some kind of prank purchase as the buyers address was gibberish letters like kdfjyjh3ohhfw, seemingly some malicious person trying to bump me off the front page! Not a nice thing to do at all, it left me with a very sour taste in my mouth. I'm only glad that I've been on Etsy a while and know how nice Etsy people normally are, and how smoothly transactions normally go or I could have been very put off!

Having been put in a grumpy mood because of that, I was then totally delighted to check my email at lunchtime and discover that I'd made my very first sale on Dawanda! Yay! It is so nice to no longer have that zero staring at me, and very interesting to see how their payment process works. The boyfriend says "interesting" is the wrong word to use, but it's interesting to me at any rate, haha. My Dawanda shop still needs a lot of work (and a lot of items adding to it) but it's getting there slowly... off to add another item now, in fact...


HandiCrafts said...

That's too bad about the bogus purchase. It looks like you were in a beautiful treasury though!


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