Sunday, 23 March 2008

365 / 216 - Stuffing Pincushions

Ah, stuffing pincushions is such an enjoyable task! Look how chunky they are:I finished four pincushions yesterday (whilst rather gorging myself on Poirot dvds) ...
... and have four waiting to be stuffed...
My favourite is probably the navy blue & teal one, but it's so difficult to decide. Note to self: I must remember to take some pictures of the pincushions actually with pins in them! It helps so much in judging the scale of them (they're a massive 8.5cm in diameter - that's just under 3 1/2 inches). I also finished the green textile art piece, giving it a backing piece of felt and photographing it nicely for the shop. Here's a shot including my hand to give you a good idea of the scale of it:
We went out to an Easter lunch today (lovely) and I wore one of my felt brooches and chatting to someone was asked if I sell my work "oh yes, I have a little online shop" "cool, have you ever thought about listing on Etsy?", rather amusing! I am finding that more and more people have heard of Etsy, though I have yet to randomly meet another seller... no doubt that time will come!


sallyent said...

love the pink spots on blue, I think the pink on green or vice versa would be cool too.

but how on earth did that person not know about your etsy shop? how the hell could she know about etsy and have missed your shop - not possible!

cutedesigns said...

Love the pin cushions, they look great. :)

Alice Elizabeth Still said...

Hehe - I was 'OD'ing on Poirot two weeks ago while working on a batch of bracelets!

Its usually either that or Pride & Prejudice or similar to help me work ;-)



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