Monday 3 March 2008

365 / 196 - A Gigantic Cherry Blossom

After a bit of a crazy-busy week, I finally got a chance to curl up on the sofa yesterday and have a lovely relaxing few hours dedicated to my sewing. Mostly this week's craftiness has been done "just before" or "just between" or "during", squeezed into my day in a most unrelaxing way! This only served to make yesterday's dedicated crafty time seem even more delicious... I have been working on odds and ends of works in progress all week, cutting out lots of bits and pieces and starting this and sewing a bit of that, lots of useful but unsatisfying chores. Yesterday the "in progress" pile was progressed a little further, but my main task for the afternoon was to make a double-sized cherry blossom for a custom order. I had been a little worried about scaling up my pattern, but it turned out okay in the end and served to remind me just how enjoyable the cherry blossoms are to sew. Here's the custom blossom with the regular-sized one for comparison...

... and a great customer appreciation photo starring the regular blossom: 


(The delicious-looking scarf is from one of my fellow UK-based Etsy sellers, Shunklies.) I am about to run out of the beads I use for the cherry blossoms, and trying to acquire some new ones I ended up going on a little bit of a seed bead buying spree. I really do enjoy making all my beaded flowers, so I thought I should stock up a little and think up some new designs to try out. The sensible thing would probably have been to think up the designs before buying the beads to use in them, but I was shopping for brooch backs anyway and got a bit carried away. Ah well. Thinking of supplies, I got a huge order of felt today (33 colours! very exciting). It's currently sitting in my lounge in a big pile as I've not really got anywhere to put it... and I'm already thinking about ordering some more, haha. It's genuinely going to start taking over the house soon, tumbling out of cupboards on top of people, etc. In other news, my pincushions got a nice mention on this blog (such sweet comments too!) and my badger brooch showed up on the "trends" board on Dawanda in their list of "products with the most fans"over on the right there: 


I'm just starting to get a feel for how Dawanda works, so for all I know that could be a super-common occurrence, but it made me smile regardless!


charlotte narunsky said...

What a fantastic giant blossom! It looks great!

And that customer has such good taste - not to mention being completely gorgeous of course ;)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a good day yesterday! All those 'mentions', and felt & seed bead buying...whew
Your big brooch looks beautiful :)
Smiles, DianeM