Sunday 16 March 2008

365 / 209 - Bits and Pieces

Oops, almost forgot to blog today. Tsk tsk. I have been busy doing lots of things, which is almost a good excuse but really I just forgot!

Lots of sewing yesterday:
Finished a batch of battenburg brooches (two slightly wonky ones, being listed at a reduced price cos they turned out a bit "homebaked" looking!) and another stripey ribbon brooch... and then got started on a few more batches of things. Lots of designs in need of restocking at the moment, and my wip box is full of pieces I've cut out and not yet sewn together. So: made a start on sewing some acorns, some tree stumps and some cute little red umbrellas. Fingers crossed that I get them finished soon and they don't just end up back in my wip box!

In non-crafty news today I've been doing some housework (quite out of character) and tending to my Dawanda shop. I'm gradually filling up my shop, and making a start on properly translating my listings into German. You can list in English, French and German on Dawanda and at the moment my French & German listings are a bit of a cheat - simple English with a couple of translated phrases like "Felt brooch" - which will not do at all in the long term. The German listings are getting a makeover first, and then I'll turn my attention to the French (definitely my weaker language!). I'm rather excitedly planning a couple of "Dawanda vocab" sheets full of categoriesed words and phrases for use in my future listings, because I am a NERD and I like that sort of thing :)


Anonymous said...

Love your stuff! You are giving me ideas!!!!