Sunday 9 March 2008

365 / 202 - Sleepy Teacups

I've been feeling a bit under the weather for the past few days, and am wandering about the place in a bit of a daze. When I'm worn out I have to be very careful when cooking (or I'm likely to wander off and leave pans bubbling away on the hob, forgetting that they're there!) and I also have to pick crafty tasks suited to my limited concentration....

Now is not the time for trying out new designs, for example, or working on the kind of brooches that involve lots of different pieces all carefully layed out and stitched together just so. Instead, I must pick simpler projects from my work-in-progress pile. Yesterday's choice? Embroidering some more teacup brooches:
Following along the outlines of each teacup is simple enough that I can't get it wrong, and absorbing enough that I don't get bored: perfect!

Now for some (fairly random) news...

I sold my first pack of mini felt squares today, so now I'm officially a supplies seller!

The views on my Custom Mobile shot up this week because it got a mention on a truly lovely crafting blog, a post about making cheerful mobiles for spring. The butterfly mobile shown is quite delightful (I love the idea of taking a basic shape like that and embellishing each one differently but in the same colour palette - such a great crafty project) and the blog itself seems packed with fun projects and inspirational crafts. Lovely to get a mention!

Unfortunately I also stumbled upon a blog post elsewhere that took my mobile as a prime example of how overpriced things on Etsy can be. I know that handmade things can be expensive (and I know that my mobiles are not "cheap" by any standards, especially in a marketplace like Etsy where "luxury" is classed as anything over $100) but it does make me a little sad when people don't appreciate the work that goes into handcrafted items.

Oh, and this reminds me - check out the trailer for Handmade Nation (due out 2009), especially the bit about 5 minutes in when Jill Bliss talks about how people are starting more and more to understand the rationale behind handmade (hurrah!).


Cara said...

Oh dear - how terribly sad for you to find that unfortunate post about your lovely mobile. It is very often those 'items' that look "so simple, anyone could do" that take an inexplicably long time to create. Cutting out felt, assembling and stitching and getting the colour combinations just right is not a 5 minute job. As an artist you should be perfectly entitled to earn a wage for your craft. If only more people made things then they would have a better appreciation of the time, thought and effort that goes in to each piece... *and breathe* !!!! I'll get my coat and go quietly now!

Odds and Blobs said...

fantastic post. i wish people would understand the amount of time, effort and love which goes into handmade items.

Your work is amazing, i have been a fan for some time now!!! Keep up the fantastic work!!

Anonymous said...

Just keep your prices..I think they are right. I am sick of competing for sales with people who do it as a hobby and charge £2.50 for a handbag with applique, when I am trying to make a living from it and my handbags are £30.
Also don't forget that things in USA seem to quite a bit cheaper than they are here. Your things are fanatastic. Don't forget you are charging for the ideas as well....and yours are so original.