Thursday, 27 March 2008

365 / 220 - Lavender Teabags

Last night I finished my first batch of lavender-filled "teabags"...
... they're larger than normal teabags and almost too large to fit inside the pretty blue teacup I chose for the photo, but they did just fit! The teacup and saucer are part of the same pretty set as the ones in my little teacup pin photos, inherited from my grandmother along with the Poole teapot. I do love to mix and match my crockery.
I also finished my colourful circles artwork - so much stitching went into this one, I'm really rather proud of it... all those colours, too! Yum yum:
PS thanks muchly to everyone who has left a comment suggesting ideas for my April design challenge - some really interesting suggestions, I've already started planning some of them! Great stuff, please keep them coming :)


Retro Eighties said...

Love your teabags! :-) Have you thought about making brooches that are inspired by "alice in wonderland?" You Mad Tea Party? :-)

MyBigMouth said...

Your teabags are adorable and I love the colors you put together for your circles.
Your stuff always inpires me!

Ria Coleto-Cervantes said...

Nice work. I may even use some of your crafty ideas for my daughter's school projects...only if you don't mind. Great job!

Keep blogging!

BugsandFishes said...

Thanks for the sweet comments everyone!

Ria, as long as you don't directly copy my designs please feel free to use my work as inspiration for your daughter's projects! :)

Danca said...

Love the teabags, such an awesome idea! Not to mention the mustache, everyone should own a pair :)).

Mer said...

Cute! I drink tea constantly... and if I was currently crafting, would have to try out a few of your ideas. I will have to file them away for later. :0)

Great blog!


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