Sunday 16 September 2007

Crafting 365 / 33 - sewing round in circles

Yesterday I did quite a bit of work on my current custom project - I cut out the very last of the 320 pieces of felt I needed (yes, really, 320) and started to sew them together. By close of play I'd managed this lot...
... that's 120 of the pieces sewn together, only 200 left to go! They are quite the perfect occupation for sleepy afternoons and evenings (and I do have a lot of those).

I was rather stupid though and forgot to check if I had any black thread left - with boxes and boxes of thread in various colours I get to assume that the colour I want will be there, and then I get in trouble when it isn't. Of course I noticed the absence of black thread only after the shops had closed! Luckily it was black thread I needed so I begged/borrowed/stole some from my lovely neighbour and had a productive evening of stitching merrily but gosh I did feel daft.


Blooming Felt said...

Wow - they're just stunning !! I'm so pleased I've found your blog. You make the most wonderful items. Do you do well on Etsy? I'm thinking of opening a shop of my own but don't know whether it would be worth it? Sarah x

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thankyou so much!
Etsy is awesome, lots of fun & the community is very inspiring & supportive (the UK sellers group is active and very friendly)... The listing fees are so affordable & I liked the look of the shops themselves so for me it seemed worth a shot. This is my very first year trying to sell things, so I am on a bit of a steep learning curve! You can see my "success" (or otherwise!) in my sold items page :)