Wednesday 5 September 2007

Crafting 365 / 22 - wips that are still wips

Not much time for the old crafting lark last night. Much tidying was done and I was left with a couple of wips (works in progress) neatly arranged on trays. I got a little bit of sewing in (during an episode of the West Wing, marvellous stuff) and then had to tuck the trays away somewhere out of sight as the house needed to be made presentable and "presentable" is unfortunately not the same as "covered in felt".

So, I still have a little pile of biscuits, pants badges and butterflies that are being gradually finished.

It's very satisfying making things in little batches but it does seem to take forever sometimes! I'm trying very hard to make as many things in batches as possible so I have stock ready to sell off-Etsy (instead of deleting listings when items sell) or to re-list should they sell on-Etsy. It suits my sleepy late-night crafting habits, too, as I'm often not awake enough to make decisions (which colour? where does this go? etc) but sewing the same thing over and over is perfectly manageable!


Anonymous said...

I love your butterflies!