Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Crafting 365 / 36 - Round like a circle in a spiral...

... like a wheel within a wheel... That song has been going round my head like crazy as I've been finishing off my current project. Circle after circle, round and round, stitching, stitching, stitching. After a big final push and several ribbon-based tangles, I have finally finished it! the biggest mobile I have ever made (and possibly one of the largest things I have ever made, too).... proper photos another time but here it is in a big heap:

In other news, my moustache obsession continues apace as I have been listening to Hercule Poirot mysteries on the radio (tis Agatha Christie month on BBC7, you know) and I have treated myself to this little beauty of a t-shirt from the lovely John Allison:
It seamlessly combines my moustache-madness and my crazy love of all things tea related making it therefore perhaps the perfect t-shirt for me. The tea love has also driven me to purchase this little treasure from Seaurchin:
(she is making it into a brooch for me). How darling is that? I love the thought of wearing it with one of my "I love tea" badges (I always say about those that they are "declaring my political allegiance") and I think it will look mighty spiffy on my winter sweaters :)


yumptatious said...

You've got me humming that song now! (I don't know the words...) It looks fabulous and I'm looking forward to seeing the mobile in all its colour-soaked glory.
That t-shirt may has well have been custom made for you: was it? Your tea obsession, which seems perfectly fine to me, has certainly helped you find some gorgeous pieces of loveliness.
I'm off to put the kettle on ...

MadeByAmanda said...

I love the little teapot. I too have an obsession with all things tea related. I want one of those now; see what you've done!

BugsandFishes said...

Not a custom t-shirt, no. Tis one of John Allison's lovely designs available at - I have far too many of his t-shirts already and initially resisted that design but since I have become moustache-obsessed I could resist it no longer! :D

Heidi said...

That t-shirt is amazing (poirot being a legend)! & the little teapot is lovely! You keep making me drink more tea damn it! :D I feel inspired to do some more art featuring tea... while drinking tea... tea mmmm.... *shuffles toward kettle*


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