Thursday 6 September 2007

Crafting 365 / 23 - finishing touches to a mobile

I got to do my happy dance yesterday (luckily no-one else was in the house at the time because it is rather a silly dance) as my abstract mobile finally sold after over 3000 views! Hurrah! Of course now I feel very silly for having not got around to finishing the other one... so my sewing task for last night & today is to Actually Finish It. I'm currently half-way through attaching all the discs to their ribbons:

In an ideal world I would get it done in time to photograph later this afternoon but as the light is going quite early at the moment and I also have lots of parcels to prepare for taking to the PO, I think the chances are pretty slim.

I have been taking advantage of being in during the daytime to take some photos of my as-yet-unlisted stash of cards. It's actually great light for photos today, overcast enough that there's no glare or bleaching of colours or (horror of horrors) shadows cast from my windowframe (my kitchen windowsill is my photo studio, you see) ... but bright enough that the camera can focus properly and white doesn't turn out blue (the curse of a cloudy day). I think I only had about 1 photo with a blue-ish tinge, out of about 147, hurrah.

I didn't have 147 things to photograph, you understand, but I was taking insurance shots (ie two of everything) and mucking about taking lots of fancy angles like this:


Sugarloaf said...

That mobile is so cool! Congrats on the sale!

Karen Jinks said...

this is seriously impressive, well done!