Monday 28 November 2016

All 8 Free Felt Christmas Ornament Tutorials

PLEASE NOTE: this project will be removed from my blog soon, after which it will be available as part of a printable pattern from my shops. Please make a copy of the instructions and templates if you'd like to save a free copy! :)

I hope you guys have enjoyed the series of free Christmas ornament tutorials I've shared over the past few weeks!

felt Christmas ornaments
felt Christmas ornaments

I thought it would be helpful to collect the links to all 8 designs so you can bookmark and find them easily for future crafting. Do let me know if you make any of these - or the whole set! :)

felt Christmas ornaments

1. Felt snowman bauble.

felt snowman ornament

2. Stripey stocking ornament.

felt stocking ornament

3. Felt reindeer bauble.
felt reindeer ornament

4. Sparkly Star Ornament.

 felt star ornament

5. Felt angel bauble.

felt angel ornament

6. Button heart ornament.

 felt heart ornament

7. Felt Santa bauble.

 felt Santa ornament

8. Jingle bell ornament.
 felt bell ornament

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Kay said...

Thank you for your tutorials, they are lovely and really helpful too. This week at school I will be using your christmas tree and christmas pudding decoration tutorials with my class. x

Andie K said...

Thank you so much for the great patterns- I reduced the size on copy machine so I could make them about 2" square to fit into pockets of Advent calendar. Came out wonderful and lots of fun making these. the kids are delighted with the project. can't seem to upload a photo...

Bugs and Fishes said...

Kay - this is the latest reply ever but thank you for your lovely comment! It's so nice to hear my patterns are being used for stuff like this :)

Andie - great idea using these for an Advent calendar! You can't share photos here on my blog, but you can always send me an email (I LOVE seeing pics of how people's projects turned out!). If you want to get in touch, send me a quick message here and I'll reply back so you can then send me a photo: