Friday 25 November 2016

Gift Wrapping Idea for Christmas: Wrap Your Gifts in Giant Boxes!

Last year we had a very fun family Christmas.

My mum and I hatched a plan to make everyone's gifts a surprise: we put each present in a HUGE box.

My dad and my sister were very surprised to see such a giant pile of gifts by the tree!

Each parcel was an exciting mystery package: no guessing what it could be by the shape or the size. Was it going to be the book you asked for? A DVD? Those earrings you saw on Etsy? A chocolate orange?

Some large rolls of cute wrapping paper cost us just a few quid (we bought ours from Wilko), and we saved up boxes from online deliveries and got some appliance boxes down from the loft (the box for the printer, etc). You could also use shoe boxes, office storage boxes or even buy a pack of moving boxes. 

I scrunched up newspaper to fill each box, and nestled the gifts in the centre so they wouldn't rattle about and there would be the extra fun of hunting through the newspaper to find the present. I used the biggest box for the smallest present, of course! For added sneakiness, you could put ordinary household objects in the boxes as well to disguise their weight.

The trickiest part of the plan was wrapping all those big boxes in secret on Christmas Eve and sneaking them into the lounge that afternoon when no-one was looking but luckily I managed it.

Just a few boxes was all it took for an extra fun and memorable Christmas - I highly recommend trying it with your family! This might not be the best idea to try with young children who may be disappointed that a big box doesn't mean a big gift, but as we're all grown up we loved it.


Kira-Gebbels said...

Cool! We also do so! Pre-cook gifts under the Christmas tree and wait for the New Year !!! A month wait - it's so painfully!

Anonymous said...

What a fun idea! I bet that got loads of laughs on Christmas day!

Bugs and Fishes said...

Kira - oh, wow, I'm not sure I'd manage to wait that long! :)

littlekoo - yes, it was a day filled with laughter :)