Wednesday 27 August 2014

Christmas Crafting... In August?

So, it's August and I've been sewing Christmas ornaments!

Sewing stuff out of season isn't a new thing for me in my work-life - designing projects for my blog and for books and magazines you get used to working on themes that are months out of synch with the calendar. This time round though, I'm just sewing for fun.

It feels a teeny bit weird to be starting on Christmas stuff so early (although a lot less so now the weather has turned chilly and autumnal) but I'm really enjoying it.

What am I sewing, you ask? Why, charming felt ornaments designed by Alicia Paulson of Posie Gets Cozy, of course.

I've got five of her ornament kits which I bought as Christmas-gifts-to-myself over the past few years and then never got round to stitching. There are always so many projects on my "things I want to make!" list, it's so easy for planned makes to sit in a box metaphorically gathering dust while I'm busy making other things... and that's exactly what happened with these kits.

As I'm still not feeling 100% after my recent illness (ugh) cutting out the templates and felt pieces for the ornaments has been a perfect absorbing-but-not-too-challenging task for my sleepy brain.


I'm so excited to be finally stitching these lovely ornaments! They are so pretty and, as a designer/maker, I find it super interesting following someone else's instructions and seeing the different techniques they use when crafting with felt. Plus the embroidered details Alicia uses in her designs tie in perfectly with my plan to learn some more embroidery stitches.

For example, this afternoon I will be learning how to do French Knots so I can add some snow to this tree ornament.

A relaxing sewing project + a Due South box set + sleeping kitties to keep me company = an excellent way to pass the time when you're feeling under the weather!


Manu said...

Alicia Paulson has the most charming Christmas ornaments! I am totally in love with her works (which I've discovered a while ago through your blog :) so Thank you Laura!)
French knots are so versatile, they can be snowflakes, tiny flowers, eyes, dots on a toadstool's cap... I use them a lot in my works, it is probably the first embroidery stitch I've learned and while practicing on scraps of felt I've discovered that the secret lies all in how tightly you pull the thread :)

P.s. your kitties are adorable!

Silly Little Sheep said...

I get Christmas crafty thoughts during summer almost every year!
Kitties look happy, since when do you have two?? :) I thoght you only had one :)

Bugs and Fishes said...

Manu - her work is so lovely, isn't it? I adore her blog. Thanks for the French knot tip :)

Silly Little Sheep - I usually get those thoughts in early October so August Xmas crafting = a new urge for me.

I have always had the two kitties, but the black one is a little grumpy and is usually off in a corner asleep somewhere rather than trying to "assist" me with whatever I'm trying to get done so she makes it into fewer photos :)

Anonymous said...

Alicia's Christmas ornament designs are lovely aren't they? Actually, so is everything she makes. I might buy a pattern but not the kit as the pennies won't stretch. Manu also does lovely work - I just visited her blog yesterday after she had a mention in hoop-la magazine. I hope you will show us some of the ornaments when you have stitched them.

Embroidery is my first love, but I keep getting side tacked. French knots are lovely and very versatile.

I have a little black cat, so I have a soft spot for them. Yours looks lovely and peaceful all curled up.

Bugs and Fishes said...

Sara - Yes, Alicia is so talented! I love her choice of colours and fabrics too.

I will definitely be sharing pics of the finished ornaments :)