Thursday 21 August 2014

Pansies in Progress

I'm feeling much better than at the weekend (hurrah!) but still a little foggy-brained.

Luckily I have a bunch of simple crafty projects on the go at the moment, so I've had plenty of things to keep my sleepy brain busy. I've been knitting blanket squares, cutting out felt pieces, and stitching some pansies.

This is the third flower pattern I'm sewing from a set of vintage embroidery transfers. The transferred pattern isn't totally clear in some places so I've had to get out the transfer to see where some of the lines go, and then use an air-erasable marker to draw in a temporary guideline for my stitching. Love those markers!

I realised after I started stitching that the two bobbins of thread I'd picked out to stitch the pansies were actually slightly different shades of dark purple. They look identical in the photos, but I swear they're not in real life.

To get round this issue, I've stitched alternate lines of the "shading" with one of the threads and now I'm filling in the missing lines with the other.

I'm still umming and aahing about what colour(s) to use for the centres and what shade of green to use for the leaves but I will cross those stitchy bridges when I come to them!



beautiful :)

Unknown said...

ıt's amazing, i love it!

Unknown said...

your pansies will look wonderful, but I think yellow in the center..... make the purple pop.

Bugs and Fishes said...

Karen - yup, I'm thinking the centres need some yellow but it'll need to be dark enough to stand out well against the cream, and I'm thinking about adding some black "stripes" too. Decisions, decisions...