Sunday 14 October 2012

Lots of Gorgeous (Free!) Printable Gift Tags

The other day I thought I'd "quickly" search for some nice free printable gift tags and I fell down a bit of an online rabbit hole of Google-ing! So I thought I'd share my favourite links here and that way you guys get some free printable tag ideas you've maybe not seen before & I can just search my blog for this post next time I want some tags to print :)

Just click on the images to visit the original sites & download the files to print the tags you like. 

Rather predictably, lots of the tags I liked involve birds!

Winter birds by Rebecca Kallem.


Festive bird tags & placecards by Geninne.


 Christmas tags from Sea Urchin Studio (love those doves!).

"Vintage" bird-inspired tags from Lilac & Lavender.


And I think I may have linked to these birds by Lisa Rupp before? Well, I still like them so I'm linking to them again!


Also rather predictably, I liked the tea-themed tags too...

Teabag tags from Love Mae.

And colour-it-yourself printable cards from Creature Comforts - the cards are great, but you can also cut out the teacup design to make teacup tags.

I spotted a whole bunch of lovely tags for Christmas / the Holiday season with hand lettered designs - perfect for adding a slightly more friendly & personal feel to your gifts without having to develop perfect neat handwriting overnight.

Typography tags by Eat Drink Chic.

Holiday tags from Love vs Design.

Hand drawn tags from Hey Look.


And some very fancy Calligraphy tags, by Meant to Be, for SHIMTOKK

Finally, I spotted a whole bunch of tags with a crafty theme...

Mitten tags by Caitlin Keegan


Tags with a knit-inspired design from Eat Drink Chic

Tags for knitters from Laylock. These tags are designed for knitters to use when gifting handknits (with space for adding washing instructions, etc) but I think they'd also be great for wrapping gifts to crafty friends and the mitten tags could be used for any Christmas gifts (just remember to cut off the panel for the washing instructions!)

Tags for handmade gifts, from I Still Love You (you could also use these tags when giving homemade cookies, etc).

This vintage image from Graphics Fairy would also make a great sewing-themed tag.

And last but by no means least, here's some tags I've linked to before but which are still very lovely - vintage button & vintage trim tags from doe-c-doe.


Clare said...

Beautiful, fab!! The Love vs Design ones are my favourites. Many thanks for sharing.

Happy Sunday.

Jumbleberries xx

homemade@myplace said...

thank you a lot Laura for this tags galore!!!!
xxx Alessandra

dropstitch said...

Ooh, so much loveliness! Thanks for gathering them all into one place. I'll be using some of these this xmas, for sure, provided my printer plays the game.

Gill said...

Thanks Laura!

Manu said...

Oh wow! I'm designing some Christmas tags right now and these are really inspiring! Thank you for sharing such treasures with us

Hazel said...

Oh wow! What a fab collection!! Thanks for sharing :)

Lisa Fowler Windsor, CO said...

Thank you for sharing your finds! I constantly getting lost/caught in Google Land!

Melissa Crowe said...

Ooh! Nice work, lady. I think some of these will be showing up under our tree this year! Thanks!

Tumus said...

The LoveMae teabags are so cute! I love that shop that's where I bought my decals for the nursery. I love gift tags and some of those are really wonderfully clever.

Lilac & Lavender said...

Love the round-up, and thank you for featuring my Vintage Bird-Inspired tags :)

Raphaele said...

Brilliant collection, thank you. I love them all, but I find the tea cups and the knitting inspired ones super duper lovely. Thanks a mil for saving me time, I won't have to look for tags this year :)

Jessica said...

oooooo I love all the tags, just inspiring to wrap beautiful gifts esp in time for Christmas!
Great Blog

Bugs and Fishes said...

You're very welcome, guys! I think lots of people I know are going to get presents featuring these tags this Christmas :)

Happy wrapping xxx