Tuesday 16 October 2012

DIY Get Well Soon Card

I've got a quick & easy tutorial to share with you today - how to make a cute get well soon card.

To make the card you will need:
- the cloud and raindrop templates from my raincloud brooch tutorial
- a compass or something small and round to draw around to create a circle 
- a blank white card
- grey, blue and yellow paper
- a glue stick
- scissors, a pencil, a black pen, and a yellow or orange felt tip pen

First, use the templates to cut out a grey cloud and three blue raindrops. To do this flip the templates over and draw round them onto the back of your coloured paper with a pencil. Then when you cut out each shape and flip it back over, the pencil lines will be hidden.

Then cut out a yellow circle for the sun - the circle on my card is 5.5 cms (2 1/4 inches) in diameter.

Stick the cloud and raindrops to the front of the card (leaving room for the text underneath)...

... and stick the sun in the top left hand corner of the inside of the card, as pictured.

Then use a black pen to add a sad face to the cloud, and a happy face to the sun, and the words "Sorry to hear you're feeling under the weather...." ... Get Well Soon!" (or your own choice of message) in your neatest handwriting. It's a good idea to write the message out in pencil first to make sure the words are arranged neatly, or you can type the message in a word processing program, print it out and then stick it in position.

Finally, use the felt tip pen to draw the sun's rays (again, you might want to draw these with pencil first. I drew mine freehand but if you're worried about the lines looking too wobbly just use a ruler).

Then you can write the rest of your message in the space that's left, and you're done :)

Please note: this tutorial is for non-commercial use only. You may borrow one or two photos if you want to blog about my projects but remember to credit me and link back to the original source, and do not reproduce entire tutorials on your site. Thanks!

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Inge said...

so cute :)!

Dee said...

Very sweet Laura.. thanks for sharing it.
Dee : )

Modern Day Mummying said...

I love your ideas! I think I might start making handmade Christmas cards with my daughter... Give it that personal touch :)

Amazing what a little imagination can do!

Sophie :)

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks guys! Nothing beats a handmade card, I think :)