Friday 7 September 2012

September Things

Every year, when September arrives I start thinking about knitting! Obviously with my sky blanket project I've been knitting through the summer this year, but there's just something about the first nip of autumn to make you pine for needles and yarn and a nice relaxing project for cosy evenings.

The Big Knit is on again this year, so I'll be knitting some little stripey hats for that to use up lots of random odds and ends from my stash ... and I'll be continuing to work on my sky blanket, of course.

I'm also probably going to end up knitting several things from this gorgeous book: Learn to Knit, Love to Knit by Anna Wilkinson.

I'll be reviewing the book later this autumn (along with lots of other crafty titles)... When I write book reviews I try to be honest and helpful about each book, to describe it as best I can and to pin down what I did/didn't like about it, but with craft books sometimes I think all you need is a rating system of "how much this book make me want to stop what I was doing and make stuff IMMEDIATELY". Learn to Knit, Love to Knit would score pretty highly on that scale as my review copy arrived yesterday and within less than 12 hours of it thudding through the letter box I was digging out some yarn to make one of the projects!

As well as being the start of "knitting season", the arrival of September means it's time to go "back to school". I've not been in school for many years, but I still think of my years in terms of the academic calendar. September = the start of a new year, and (crucially) the start of my "busy season". It's a time to start settling into my autumn/winter work schedule (i.e. to stop spending quite as much time slacking off!) and a time to make plans, get everything in order, and generally to get prepped for the months to come.

Plus, all the kids who are returning to school means the shops are running are lots of great deals on stationery supplies, so I've been stocking up on some of those...

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Claire Davenport said...

There also needs to be a rating for how much time you lose stroking the pages and making nice 'oooh' noises over pretty pictures. I have a couple of books like that. One day I'll actually pick up a needle and make something from them...

Anna said...

I love those uni-ball pens. I have to hide them on my desk otherwise they disappear. Perfect for writing, list-making, doodling.

Bugs and Fishes said...

Claire - Ah, an Ooooh rating would be super-useful! I definitely judge craft books on how swoon-worthy the pictures are.

Anna - They're great pens! I like to kid myself that they make my handwriting neater too :)