Tuesday 4 September 2012

A New Look + Sponsor Ads

You've probably noticed that I've given my blog a bit of a revamp! (If you're reading this via RSS, do pop over to the blog and check out the new look).

The big change is the addition of a second sidebar over on the left. I'm going to use this space to highlight recent crafty tutorials, plus some other tutorials from my archive... and it's also going to be home to some sponsor ads.

I ran ads on my blog a couple of years ago but they were quite time-consuming to manage so I eventually stopped running them to focus my time on other things. But I recently discovered Passionfruit Ads which is a totally genius app for managing your ads, taking all the hassle out of the process and making it easy for bloggers to host ads & easy for folks to buy them... so I thought I'd give the whole advertising thing a go again :)

Ads start from just $10 (which is currently approx £6.30) for 30 days - even though I'm in the UK, my ads are priced in US dollars because Passionfruit are based in the US (but don't worry, if you pay via Paypal you'll be charged in your local currency).

If you're interested in advertising your shop or blog here on Bugs & Fishes, please visit my advertising page for more info about the available rates + sizes.