Monday 20 February 2012

Bargain Bits and Bobs

It was sunny yesterday - hurrah!

Sunshine is always nice (especially when you're knitting a sky blanket and you're getting a bit bored with day after day of grey skies) but it's especially welcome when you've got a big pile of things you want to get photographed and added to your shops.

I've been having a bit of a crafty clear-out and there are lots of "destash" bargains to be had.

Over on my website you will find... (you may need to scroll down a bit)...

A bundle of embroidery thread (floss), just 67 skeins instead of the 72 I normally sell in a pack together... listed at a bargain price. Update: Sold

A set of 10 black buttons. I used to sell these and thought they'd sold out... but I found this one last pack at the bottom of a box. Yay! Update: Sold

A button covering tool that works perfectly, but which I'm selling cheap because it's not neatly attached to its  original packaging like it should be. Update: Sold.

Packs of plastic combs for decorating how you fancy:

A set of three plastic headbands. Update: Sold.

Rainbow packs of elastic headbands:

And some sets of giant wooden buttons which I consider to be "seconds" - they don't measure up to my normal quality standards so I don't want to sell them full price, but they are still pretty cool buttons! Update: the giant buttons listed on my website have now sold

Over in my Etsy shop, there are more sets of bargain buttons...

Two bargain packs of felt squares which are also "seconds" - squares with small holes punched down one edge, or with a small mark on them, or which are not quite the 9x9 inch size they should be. Update: both packs have now sold

And two big bundles of elastic headbands for people who want to make lots of hair accessories. Update: both packs have now sold

Remember, if you mention my blog during checkout this month your order will be posted with a free gift :)