Wednesday 14 September 2011

Busy Knitters

We had a fun photo shoot at my knitting club this week - taking some snaps of our recent charity projects before they get packaged up and posted.

Lots of teddies...

... and lots of crochet squares for blankets:

I didn't actually make any of these (tsk tsk) as I've been working on my big crochet blanket this summer, but I'm in charge of packing & posting them all so I am doing my bit - honest!

Our current project is knitting little hats for The Big Knit (we made quite a few last year). I'll definitely manage some of those :)


Helen said...

I have a real soft spot for those knitted teddies!

Vanilla said...

These teddies are soooo cute!!! I pinned you, ok?

Emerald Hills said...

I am still in the process of knitting a baby blanket for a friend. Once I am done with that I am doing a afghan of knitted squares in different stitches. Mostly for practice, but also because I think it will look cool.

Bugs and Fishes said...

If anyone fancies making one (or several) of the teddies, the pattern is available here:

Emerald Hills - you can get some fab knitting books which give you instructions on making blocks (all the same size) from different fancy stitches. Something like that is definitely on my to do list, but I've got no idea when I'll have the time to get round to it! :)