Monday, 4 October 2010

A Mountain of Hats

Last week our knitting club parcelled up all the little hats we've been knitting for The Big Knit, but we had to count them first...

Amazingly our little group has managed to knit 300 little hats from our leftover bits of yarn. I was a bit lazy this year and only knitted about 10 hats but one of our members knitted at least 150 all by herself!

It was lovely seeing them all together, all the colour combinations and cute patterns.

The youngest members of the knitting club definitely approved.

We're currently looking for more charity knitting projects we can get involved with... if you know of any (especially ones based in the UK) please do leave a comment.


Sian said...

I have a friend who is knitting hearts for this appeal:

Mikayla Kiroshi said...

how about holding a knitting charity event all by yourself? will be interesting, meaningful, fun, and will take your community service to a whole new level! (:

Mimi said...

Seasalt in cornwall do a big charity knit each year for a different charity. This year it is for the Alzheimer's Society. They ask for knitters all over the UK to knit a particular type of item (this year it is christmas decorations/baubles) which are then displayed and sold, with proceeds going to that year's charity

Very Berry Handmade said...

Those hats look wonderful. :D Good luck with your search for new charitable endeavours..


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