Sunday 4 September 2011

Bits and bobs

This week I have been...

... sorting out receipts for my tax return, and swearing that this year I won't just stick them all in a box and forget about them, but will do my best to organise them each month. Ditto doing my accounts at the end of each month instead of once a year. (Chances of this actually happening: slim to none).

... sewing some more lavender sachets, this time from an old blue & white striped pillowcase. Love those stripes.

... preparing for, hosting, and then tidying up after an "open house" we had for friends & neighbours to celebrate the launch of my book, Super-Cute Felt. It was a very lovely evening!

I didn't take many photos but I did get a couple of snaps of the pretty napkins (teacups, yum) and a rather blurry shot of a stack of copies of my book.

I've also nearly finished my giant granny square blanket - hurrah!

I took a break from crocheting the blanket over the warmer summer months as it was too hot to sit with it over my knees as I worked on it. I've just got the last few rounds left now, and then I'll sew in all the ends, and take some pictures of it to share with you all.

Because of the irregular pattern I was using for the blanket, I've used up almost all the yarn I bought in some of the colours, and much less of others. I've added the leftover yarn to my stash of random colours to be knitted into blanket squares.

My evenings this autumn will be filled with yarn!


Anne said...

I know the problem with the receipts in the box ^^ Solved it this time with a paperclip for each month. You can add a note which time span is included, too. Don't know if this would work for you, when I look at your big box :D

It must be such a good feeling to release your own book. Enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

I tell myself EVERY YEAR that I am going to do monthly accounts. I think the most I have ever managed is about two months into the new financial year before giving up entirely until about eight days before my return is due.

Bugs and Fishes said...

Yup every year I start out being really keen and doing my accounts month by month and then I stop doing it and revert to my old ways again. It didn't matter as much when my business was just starting out and I hardly had any receipts, etc but it's getting a bit out of hand now. I must try harder!

Anne - I've bought some plastic wallets so I can store my receipts month by month, which I hope will work. Any bit of organisation will be better than that overflowing box, right?

P.S. thanks for the book congrats! It is very exciting :)