Thursday 5 November 2009

Thursday Things

Lots of things to mention today... first up: Royal Mail just announced that the postal strikes here in the UK have been postponed until after Christmas! Woohoo!

As someone whose income pretty much entirely relies upon having a reliable postal service, I'm sure you can imagine how relieved I am to hear this news. But please don't let this put you off shopping early for Christmas ;)

I've been working really hard over the last few months trying to get my shops looking their best "in time for Christmas" and listing all the finished bits and pieces I've got sitting about the place in boxes. There are always more things that need doing, and it can be quite a challenge taking photos on these dark autumnal days, but I'm getting there slowly.

Among the recent additions are new colourways of my butterfly flower brooches & hairbands - pretty lilac and bright yellow:
And in other news - my felt bunting tutorial has made a guest appearance over at Or so she says... a blog jam-packed with giveaways, home, style & parenting tips, and (of course) lots of crafty projects. I originally made the bunting as a summer project (way back when it was still warm and sunny!) but in Christmas colours it would be a lovely addition to your holiday decor. I may have to make some myself...


Rhiannon said...

Yay for no postal strike!
I'd not heard about this yet, so you can imagine how much I'm beaming right now at the nice posties :)

cottonreel said...

Good news about the post,---------------cottonreel

Jo @ life in lists said...

Lovely brooches. And yay for no postal strikes!

Glad I'm not the only one planning Christmas bunting too :)

Anonymous said...

I heard the news this morning, and I'm crossing my fingers that an agreement can be reached.

Have you noticed a drop in sales since the strike was announced? I have heard rumblings on etsy forums that people were reluctant to buy from uk sellers.

Bugs and Fishes said...

It's a bit hard to tell if it's affected my shop as I closed up shop for a bit last month anyway... but the strikes have been getting a lot of press here in the UK so I expect it has been putting UK-based shoppers off ordering online.

It's such a relief knowing I can put "last order dates for Christmas shipping" up in my shop announcement and know it will be accurate!

Emily Elizabeth Stevenson said...

I love the black on these brooches, it really makes the bright colors pop!

Thankful about the UK post--I have many relatives there and would hate for my snail mail to be delayed!