Monday 2 November 2009

Back to Work

I'm feeling much better today... It sucks to have lost the files we've lost, but many of them are stored somewhere else like Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, etc or as print outs and emails ... or can just be re-typed. We're happy(ish) to shrug it off and look forward to a shiny new computer on which we can start a brand new super-organised future (with regular scheduled back-ups, haha!). A clean cyber slate, as it were. Thanks so much to everyone who sent me sympathetic words, they're all much appreciated :) I was also hugely cheered up yesterday to hear I'd won an original drawing by Amy Blackwell - very much looking forward to that arriving. Anyway... it's back to business as usual now, and I'm busy catching up with all the orders placed during my time off. I had a mammoth packing session yesterday and may well be setting up camp in the Post Office this week: This time of year can be a bit of a frenzy, so it was great to have a little break to catch up on some sleep and get things organised ready for the oncoming madness. I've even managed to get my inbox down to a mere 2 emails... though I'm sure that won't last!


Sue said...

Whoops, sorry to hear about the lost files, good luck with the orders though xx