Saturday 21 November 2009

Finding a Balance

As regular readers may know, I have M.E. (otherwise known as Chronic Fatigue) which basically means I get tired quite a lot and have to manage my time quite carefully to make sure I don't wear myself out and make myself ill.

Most of the time, working for myself is the perfect job! If I'm feeling run down, I work less and do nice simple tasks like cutting out pattern pieces. If I've got more energy, I work more and do more creative and complicated things like designing new pieces or doing really fiddly bits of sewing. Perfect.

But at this time of year it can get a little tricky finding a balance between taking it easy and working, especially with Christmas looming and with 101 things on my to do list. Plus all the winter coughs and colds going around don't help matters!

Luckily this year I've got a postal assistant (my boyfriend) to help keep my shop running, which is helping enormously. I'm also learning to cross lots of things off my to do list and admit to myself that - frustrating though it is - certain works in progress and other schemes will just have to wait until next year. Admitting you don't have time to do things is (for me, at least) one of the hardest things about being self-employed.

Also luckily this is the perfect time of year to have lazy evenings in: curled up under a blanket watching dvds, drinking tea and doing some knitting. What could be nicer? Plus with all that decorating and wrapping and other festive crafting to be done there's also always something nice and relaxing and crafty to keep me entertained when I don't feel like working - a day without making stuff just feels weird! :)

And because no blog post feels complete without a picture, here's my latest bit of knitting:I bought lots of yummy new yarn yesterday, so expect more knitting pics soon!


Sue said...

a very moving article, best wishes this winter and do look after yourself xx

LittleDoodles said...

Hi Laura...I feel so silly, I didn't realise you had m.e. too. That teaches me for not keeping up with all of my blog reading :) Sending you big hugs as I sit here nodding to the computer screen in understanding! Take it easy and enjoy the knitting! xxx

Knit Sew City Girl said...

Hi Laura,

My husband has a cronic illness that makes him tired all the time and he also has a low immune system. Winter is definately a difficult time for him. You're right in that you have to say 'no' sometimes and it is something that he had to learn to do as it can be very difficult.

You're boyfriend is so sweet helping you out with the posting and you're right to relax and do some knitting. Please post some photos of the yarns you have bought? I love yarns and have been know to hug them and stroke them accross my cheeks.....Hee Hee Hee...yes I'm a bit mad when it comes to yarns and knitting.

Take care and I'm looking forward to seeing more knitting.


Tumus said...

I can certainly agree with it being hard to let things go that you don't have time for :(
I've personally been having to turn away work in my TUMUS shop as I don't have the time to keep up with it all.
It's very aggravating admitting, but it's always for the best.

Keep cosy.

Anonymous said...

I have CFS too (not ME though because I haven't got the Fibromyalgia/aches and pains side of it), hence reducing my hours at work recently. It was found after I tested positive for Vasovagal Syndrome (a symptom of it for me) and I must say that working from home would be ideal if I could just bite the bullet. Glad you're keeping well!

Josie said...

The striking a balance is the part I'm finding hardest being newly diagnosed.
Am glad you've found a way to balance your work without risking your health :)

Liz said...

Take lots of care, Laura. I know what M.E. can be like via friends.
PS-your knitting is so pretty, and I love that colour!Where do you get your yarn? x

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!

Lizzie, I buy my yarn from my local market - nothing fancy but it suits me! I'll be blogging about my yarn shopping soon :)

Anonymous said...

Don't think I have been on your blog before, it is lovely!
I hope all goes well for the festive season and that you take care of yourself. It must be indeed very frustrating to want to do so many things but not always be able to.
Good luck with everything and especially your new knitting project! Xx

Candace said...

Thank you sooooo much for posting this. I find it very hard to balance everything and sometimes I envy those that don't have to deal with their health & can run like the wind, so to speak. Thank you, its good to know I share my frustrations with others and it reminds me to slooow down. All the best!

Alli McOttob said...

Dear Lupin,
even if I've been reading your blog for almost 6 months, had not realized you too have m.e.
I am really really really glad of this beautiful post, and happy that you can carry on with all the beautiful things you do!
I went through a difficult time in the past, when I could not even write or draw(as muscolar dystophy and other immunity problem took palce), so I can say with joy that all your creativity is inspiring and reassuring!
Take care through this beautiful but difficult months and enjoy all your works!

Jo Simmonds said...

Hi Laura

I had ME at the age of 15 and missed the last year of school - it was really horrible and seemed to last forever but lifted eventually.

I think it teaches you that some things aren't worth the wasted energy and to focus yourself more :)

Love your blog and shop :) xx

S said...

I don't have M.E. but am recovering from a brain tumour and 18 operations. I get tired really easily too - I was at uni for 10 hours last tuesday and am still wiped out. Take care of you and I hope you have a wonderful (and relaxing) Christmas x