Thursday 23 October 2008

Ornaments in Situ

Gosh I have been so busy today! Just time for a quick update on this post - pictures of the new and very sparkly Christmas display in the gift shop currently selling some of my ornaments:
As you can see, my robins have been joined by some of the designs I made for my blog tutorials - this is what happens when you show your blog to people!

PS the next ornament tutorial will be posted tomorrow...

PPS I will be listing some sets of these ornaments in my shops this coming week in case you want to buy some instead of making them yourself :)


Anonymous said...

These look fabulous. It must be so amazing to see your handy-work on display like this. I wish I was in a position to buy some ... when I settle I definitely need some of your decorations for my tree :-)

Anonymous said...

That's really nice of the gift store to let you sell there!

Those robins are super cute ^_^