Friday 10 October 2008

Nice Things in the Post

I've had a horrid cold for a couple of days and have consequently slacking with the blogging - sorry! A quick post before I go wrap myself up in blankets again and get some sleep, to mention the lovely post I got this morning:
On the right: adorable little boxes of tea from a sweet customer who was apparently dead chuffed to get my "congratulations you bought my 1,100th Etsy item!" gift parcel and wanted to say thankyou. Such a nice surprise! (I like to send out a bundle of freebies with milestone sales - the 1,200th will be the next one if you fancy trying to snag one for yourself...)

On the left: the gorgeous butterfly stamp cube I treated myself to from Bombus. It simultaneously satisfies my stamp-nerdishness and what I refer to as my "rubbish girl"-ness as it's just so darn pretty with all those lovely butterflies! Great customer service from the lovely Bombus, too, charming packaging (the parcel came wrapped in a map instead of brown paper) and a couple of freebies for lucky me...
... one of her fab map cards and a set of snazzy recycled envelopes; I always like a nice bit of stationery and I already have someone in mind to receive the caravan card :)