Monday 27 October 2008

Filing some Felt

I'm trying out a new way of storing my "in use" pile of felt pieces, filing them away by colour...
Definitely much neater than my previous solution which was just to carry them all round in an unmanageable heap!


cutedesigns said...

Looks good. :)

Hope you're feeling better now too!

Anonymous said...

I hate storing things !! Putting stuff in nice boxes is the best method but then I forget which box I have put things in and end up pulling everything out and making a mess again!! xxx

Knit Sew City Girl said...


This reminds me that need to tidy up my crafting stash.


Anonymous said...

I file all my felt by color and keep a special box just for my "Felt in Play" or FIP if you will :lol:

there's no sense in wasting it you know! Every little scrap must be used and used till it's no more.

I am envious of that filing drawer though. Mine is by plastic tub, unslightly but efficient.