Monday 31 December 2007

365 / 134 - from sketch to stitching

I couldn't wait. Last night I just had to turn my sketches from day 133 (or most of them, at least - some are still giving me trouble) into pattern pieces and start stitching...
The fox, toadstool and two squirrels just need their brooch pins and backs attending to and they'll be done. Hurrah! The little primroses are test pieces - I'm still not happy with them but if I do any more tests though it will have to be with different felt as I only have one sheet of the soft yellow. I'm pleased with the beaded eyes on the squirrels and the fox, they look a little less crazed than in my sketches but still cute I think.

I was a little over-ambitious and cut out several more pattern pieces entirely intending to get them all stitched in the same evening. It's good to have the patterns finished and now I have a task for this evening all laid out for me (we like a very quiet New Year's Eve!).


Unknown said...

Wow, love these little kritters!

Cindy Is Crafty said...

I love them all especially that blue squirrel. We have a zillion in my backyard and I love watching them play and cahort.

Love your blog and your felty craftiness, too!

Happy New Year!